EKE (Eke Koopman, 29, The Netherlands) has been making her mark as a writer and vocalist, creating for a wide variety of genres and producers within Electronic Dance and Pop music. Recognizable by her melody-focused songwriting and ethereal vocals influenced by her early liking of R&B. 

​Eke grew up with musician parents; both her parents are singers and her father is also a songwriter and admired guitar player. Watching her parents perform and listen while they would rehearse at the kitchen table from an early age, made her fall deeply in love with harmonies and melodies. As a young girl, Eke would sing and dance to entertain everybody around her. Songwriting became a serious outlet in her teenage years but she kept her songs private for a while before she started to hit the stage as a backup singer and would, later on, perform in local bars with her own songs.

Next to performing, studying at the Academy for Pop culture in Leeuwarden resulted in meeting more like-minded songwriters and producers that understood her admiration for all different types of music. She started to collaborate with other talented creators and quickly found her way into the world of toplines. 

She already released tracks with artists like Tiësto (Be Something), Mike Williams (Day Or Night), Headhunterz (Home, Transcendence), Ruben de Ronde (Wanderlust), Joachim Pastor (Be Someone), and many more. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!